Podcasting, Basketball, and Movies: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I recorded the Geekland podcast with my buddies (from left to right on the picture) Justin Vactor, Ben Songer, and Willie Gillis.  We recorded on Skype, which lets you talk to people over a computer.  My computer is janky, so I had to be on my cellphone. Looking forward to that AT&T bill (sarcasm).  We talked about the comics we read this week. Here’s a link:

http://www.geeklandpodcast.com/     (I’m on Episode 147)

After that, me, Vactor, and Jen chatted with Eve, who runs the website Geeks of Doom with her husband.  Geeks of Doom is one of the many websites that I am fortunate to work for.  Hey! how about a link to that site!

Don\’t say I never gave you anything



I went to the last Grizzlies home game of the season with my buddy Mario. Here’s a pic of us at the game:

Before the game, they had a lot of stuff going on. The Grizz Girls dance team was signing autographs, and oh, they looked lovely!!

Their emcee/guy who hosts the giveaways did a little standup comedy (and a cool song about 80s toys that referenced Transformers) and my buddy, local rapper Teflon Don performed his Memphis Grizzlies song.

Also, Mario and I got on some video because we were dancing around and celebrating before the game. Sadly, the Grizzlies lost, 120-101.  We were leading by 7 at halftime, but OJ Mayo got hurt early on and we never recovered

I sincerely hope he can play in their game in Denver tonight.  We have two games left in the season.  We only have to win 1 to finish 41-41. This could be our first winning season in 4 years. Go Grizz!!

After the game, I did some karaoke singing near my house.  I found a spot named Goodtime Charlie’s on Sycamore View.  They also had some pretty good food.  The chicken quesadilla was nice!!  I was a little nervous, this being a country/western bar and me being the only Black person in there, but they were nice people.  I didn’t sing anything too wild or crazy. I began with “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight” by James Taylor, and next I did “Horse With No Name” by America.  Then, I sang ‘Sail On” by the Commodores. Now that I was warmed up, I hit them with one of my signature songs. “My Life” by Billy Joel knocks ’em dead every time!! My next song, The Steve Miller’s band “Fly Like an Eagle” was not so hot.  However, they let me close the evening out with David Allan Coe’s “You Never Even Called Me By My Name”.  Yes, I even do a little country.  I had a good time. I need to go back there soon.


I went to the home of filmmaker/editor of Live From Memphis Chris McCoy and his lovely wife, Laura Jean Hocking.  I gave him a slightly belated birthday present.  Laura and Chris showed me footage of the documentary they’re working on about the Antenna Club that was in Memphis.  Many punk groups, such as the Sex Pistols, played there once. Chris has also let me borrow a documentary about the Sex Pistols.  He said that it was “White people music that I need to know about”.  To complete our cultural exchange, I schooled Chris & Laura on what’s called “checking” or “snapping” or “burning” .It’s basically a contest between friends to see who can come up with the most creative putdowns.  The easiest way is to do what I call “looking ass” jokes.  Laura never knew about this, and she got very good quickly. Too good, in fact. Later, when I ran into them at Studio on the Square to watch The Runaways, they were shocked to see me.  I was trying to explain that I had gotten the times for the Ridgeway 4 and Studio on the Square mixed up. Laura said something like, “I think I’m on East Coast Time lookin’ ass!!” Like I said, she’s gotten too good. 

The Runaways was a pretty good film, by the way.  It is based on Runaways member Cherie Currie’s book Neon Moon.  The movie chronicles the rise and fall of the all-girl rock band The Runaways.  I thought Dakota Fanning did an excellent job as Cherie Currie. Surprisingly, Kristen Stewart was pretty darn good as Joan Jett.  Kudos to both ladies.  I think I may have to review this soon, so watch out for that.

Later, I went over the home of filmmaker DeAara Lewis’ mom. DeAara is the beautiful woman in yellow in this picture, and her sister Deneka is the lovely woman in the multicolored shirt.  Such creative, beautiful women. Their grandm, who was also there, is in the background.  Their mom, the owner of the home, is not pictured.  My buddy, filmmaker Rod Pitts, was also there.

We ate some GOOD food and watched the film Wall Street.  Rod, movie buff that he is, had seen it before.  DeAara and I had not seen it before.  Good stuff.

I had a very eventful weekend.  I am looking forward to auditions this week and a rap concert that I will be sure to blog about. Be easy, readers!!


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  1. Miquel Okumoto Says:

    Absolutely nothing better than a fishing joke. My brother just shared this joke with me: Fishing rules:Fishing rule #1: The least experienced fisherman always catches the biggest fish. Fishing rule #2: The worse your line is tangled, the better is the fishing around you. Fishing rule #3: Fishing will do a lot for a man but it won’t make him truthful.

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