Podcasting, Movies, and Hip-Hop:The Weekend Wrap-Up


Me and my gang (Ben Songer, Justin Vactor, Willie Gillis) recorded the Geekland Podcast. We talked about various comics, and, well….we geeked out. Click on the link below to listen and enjoy.

Geekland Podcast Episode 148: A Good Start to the Brightest Day

Later, my good buddy Ben Songer (the lone Caucasian in the first picture) and I saw Kick-Ass.  It was based on an awesome graphic novel that we had both read.  I freaking loved this film!! It shows a more real-world approach to trying to be a superhero.  It is violent, bloody, and vulgar.  It is also awesome.  I would not take small children to see it, but it needs to be seen. This is my current favorite film of 2010.  There is a child superhero named Hit-Girl who is deadly and profane and so cool!! People were clapping at certain scenes in the movie theater.  Also, McLovin’ from Superbad is in it!! I must have this on DVD, and I will probably have to see it again.  My buddy Justin Vactor wrote a review of the film for Geeks of Doom.  Clickety-click on the link and get informed.

Movie Review: Kick-Ass



I attended a hip-hop show at the Smoking Caterpillar, which is a Hookah Lounge.  Knoweldge Nick (in the blue) attended, as did Infinito 2017. Infinito was not on the bill, but he freestyled briefly during Mordecai’s set.  Other performers included Fathom 9, Jason “Da Hater” Harris, Royal T, Derelict, and other highly talented emcees.  I like to think of their style of hip-hop as more progressive.  Their styles emphasize lyrics, wordplay, and substance.  DJ. Hush was on the turntables all night.  I had a good time, talked to some people, and got some more albums to review for my Live From Memphis blog, A Geek and His Blog.


I was tired. Two consecutive late nights seem to do that to me.  I slept. I did nothing.  The only places I went were McDonald’s and TCBY. TCBY rules, by the way. Chocolate Mint yogurt FTW!!  

All in all, a good weekend. I’m still somewhat tired, but it was good.  I’m looking forward t o writing more and listening to some more albums, watching more movies, and podcasting. Be easy, readers!!!


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