Movies, Hip-Hop, and Poetry: The Weekend (And Monday) Wrap-Up



I saw the Bollywood Film Dhoom 2 at the On Location:Memphis Film Fest.  It was a fun, but long, movie.  Bollywood films tend to have the characters break out into song and dance numbers at random intervals.  Also, the Indian community in Memphis was out in full force. They had grade-school girls dancing, then the high-school girls, then an adult woman.  She was a pretty good dancer. And yeah, she was beautiful.  I want to see more Bollywood films. I’ve always been a sucker for a cool random dance sequence.


I went back to the On Location:Memphis Film Fest and saw a documentary about the Rock-AFire Explosion, the animatronic band tha used to perform at Showbiz Pizza back in the day.  The film talked to fans of the group, and to two men who bought full sets of the band on ebay from their creator.  It also traces the rise and fall of the band and their creator, Aaron Fechter.  Mr. Fechter was there, and I thanked him for creating the band.  I remember seeing the big gorilla (Fats Geronimo) perform “Wishing Well” by Terrence Trent D’Arby when I was 12. Good times.  Mr. Fechter was also in town to finalize a deal regarding this:

That’s right, boys and girls. Memphis’ own “party rapper” Muck Sticky and his band are scheduled to team up with the Rock-AFire Explosion for a tour.  I told Muck that they will be too much awesome on one stage, and that the arena might spontaneously combust.  I also told him that I felt like a bad friend because I had not seen him perform since the 2006 concert that was recorded for Jon Spark’s documentary Memphis Muck (I’m in a crowd shot).  I will definitely be at the Memphis date of this tour.

Later that day, I saw the film that took home the top prize at the On Location:Memphis film festival, Blue Bus.  In the film, these two gentlemen (August and Joseph) travel in a blue bus from California to New Orleans to fulfill the last request of one of August’s close friends. It’s a scripted film, but it felt like a documentary. I told the African-American gentleman that played August (Ron Recasner) that they had now eclipsed Kick-Ass as my favorite film of 2010. I also informed him that they had to survive the summer and that Iron Man 2 would be tough competition.  This film rocks!! If it comes to your town, see it!! I need this on DVD like yesterday.

I also attended a VIP Celebration Saturday night where I was treated to a performance from the Black Rock Revival.  These guys rocked!! They were joined by some twin rappers. My apologies, but I didn’t catch their name. These guys are awesome.  Buy their CD on  Also, be on the lookout for my review of that CD real soon.

I also went to a hip-hop show at the Full Moon Club Saturday night. This is a picture of Jason “Da Hater” Harrs from the Iron Mic Coalition rocking on stage while I am in a b-boy stance in the corner. Peace to Knowledge Nick, Queen Nilaja, and the rest of the Iron Mic Coalition.  Hip-Hop is alive and well in the ol’ M-Town.


I saw Date Night. While I was on a date!! Aren’t I clever? I ain’t going into details about the date (this ain’t no soap opera blog), but I will say that it was cool and the lady was nice.  I had not been on a date in YEARS, and it was pretty cool.  And to all my friends who doubted me, no, it did not take Hell freezing over for me to go on a date again.  Who’s laughing now? I AM. Haters!!


I attended The Word, an open mic night at Safari World Tapas Bar. It was awesome!! Shout out to Tonya Dyson, and extra special shout out to Artistik Approach. These young artists could sing and rap and they were awesome!! Look for a review of one of their CDs real soon as well. Also, shout out to me because I read a poem aloud for the first time in 5 years.  It felt good. I must get my confidence in that arena back. Also, shoutout to Rodney Lomax, my brother’s good friend and my friend as well.

It’s been a crazy four days.  Tonight might also be crazy, too.  I don’t want to say what I plan on doing because I might chicken out. However, if I don’t, you’ll get a blog about it.  Is that cryptic enough for you? Be easy, readers!!!


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