My First Standup Experience

Guess what I did for the first time last night? No, not  that. Ya’ll got some nasty minds.   Okay, better question. Who did stand up comedy for the first time last night? This guy.

That’s right!! It was me, snitches!! My good friend and fellow up-and-coming comic Mario Latilleon said that my act was like the Spider-Man movies. Decent start (Spider-Man 1), awesome middle (Spider-Man 2), Poorly executed ending (Spider-Man tres).  I was disappointed, but that’s kind of the point of Open Mic.  You bomb.  You get up.  You try again.  As usual, slight failure has motivated me.  I will get the hang of this.  I’m Markus Seaberry, dammit!!  Whenever there’s a stage, I must own it.  It can be acting, it can be karaoke, or standup.  The stage must be rocked, and the stage must be mastered.  I’ll be be back.  I did a few jokes about the latest Free Willy movie (straight to DVD) with Bindi Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter’s daughter.  Then, I riffed on Jamie Lee Curtis and those damn Activia commercials. You know, the yogurt that makes you poop.  Then, I launched into a bit that I won’t even describe because I died a slow, excruciating death on stage last night. But, it didn’t kill me!! Like acting, when standup is going well, it’s awesome!! But when it sucks, it’s like passing three kidney stones at once. But I’m still here!! I’m still standing!!  Okay, enough of my impression of Derek Luke from Antwone Fisher.  It seems like people have forgotten that I am an artist.  I am not just a writer or blogger, although I have been blessed in those areas. I am an actor, occasional poet, fledgling standup comedian, and, on a good day, I’m a decent freestyle rapper.  I am an artist.  I will not stop until I do all these things well.  I have new challenges now.  I will win.  The Creative Mercenary is back!! Be easy, readers.


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