Comic Review: Transformers Spotlight: Prowl (Geeks of Doom)


Written by Mike Costa
Art by E.J. Su
Colors by Andrew Dalhouse
Letters by Chris Mowry
Price $3.99
Release Date: April 21, 2010

I have been a Transformers fan since I saw the TV ads for the very first Marvel Comics miniseries in 1984. I had not been keeping up with their IDW comics continuity, but was intrigued by the storyline “All Hail Megatron.” In that storyline, Megatron takes over the Earth, and the Autobots are forced into hiding. The Autobots and the humans work together and take Earth back, but there is a lot of damage from the battles. Also, the humans begin capturing all robots, which forces the Autobots to go into hiding. That is the Autobots’ current status quo as this story begins.

To read more, go to:

Comic Review: Transformers Spotlight:Prowl (Geeks of Doom)



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