Events, Rain, and Movies: The (Late) Weekend Wrap-Up


This is Memphis rapper Chris Blake.  I went to his mixtape release party.  It was held at Sneak Peek, a clothing and shoe store on South Main in beautiful downtown Memphis.  They were giving away a five-song sampler of the mixtape.  My review of that is soon to come.  The full mixtape is coming soon.  I’ll let you know when it drops.   This guy is good.



There was a lot of flooding in Tennessee. Nashville got hit really hard. Memphis wasn’t in the greatest of shape, either.  I was unable to attend my classmate Joyce Scott’s funeral, so RIP to her and God bless her family.  Also, shoutout to my stepfather Crossett McGhee. His birthday was Sunday, 5/2/10.  My mom suggested that I not venture out to Fayette County because the roads in Fayette County are prone to flooding.  I will definitely hit Crossett with his b-day gift on Sunday when I hit Ma Dukes off with her bomb Mother’s Day Present.  I am a good gifter.  They’re not super fancy or hella expensive gifts, but they’re damn thoughtful.  Just pay attention to people.  It’s not hard.  Oh, yeah, the only reason I call him my stepfather is because I sometimes talk about my biological, and I like to differentiate.  I love my stepfather, he taught me how to be a man and handle your responsibilities.  For real!!

I did brave the elements and attended Free Comic Book Day at my local comic shop (LCS). At Comics and Collectibles in beautiful Memphis Tennessee, if you bought one comic, you could pick up all these free comics made by different companies specifically for Free Comic Book Day.  It’s like a Geek Christmas (Geekmas).  Or, if you’re Jewish, Geek Hannukah (Geekukah).  Or, if you’re a conscious and/or revolutionary African American, Geek Kwanzaa (Geekzaa).  It is a super awesome day.  I got one of every title, even the kiddie comics.  I read those and gave those to my supervisor to give to his children.  No brown-nosing.  My supervisor rules!! Even when he has to fuss at me.  I always deserve it.


I saw The Losers.  Based on the DC/Vertigo comic, the movie is about a band of Special Forces operatives who are betrayed and go into hiding to clear their name and get back at their boss for turning on them.  Yes, that sounds like the A-Team.  The original source material, however, is much more grittier.  It was a cool film, nice action, great special effects, but I had some dialogue and story issues.  Zoe Saldana’s hot, though.  I give it a 3.5/5 .

That was pretty much my weekend.  I would’ve posted this yesterday, but I was working on articles for other sites.  A writer’s work is never done, I guess.  Look for more reviews to come. Be easy, readers!!



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