Graduations, Mixers, and Mourning:The Weekend Wrap-Up



Crichton College held a graduation on Friday at a church whose name I don’t recall.  I knew two people graduating. One was my coworker Roshunda Brown.  The other was my former coworker and good friend Jeremy Sager.   I also ran into Elder King. I don’t remember his first name, but he used to be part of the staff at World Overcomers Outreach Ministry Church (WOOMC).  I also ran into a woman and her daughter that attend New Zion CME church, my stepfather’s home church.  AND I ran into three girls who attended the last church that I was a member of, Brooks Chapel Church of God In Christ.  It was cool to meet these people and I am proud of Jeremy and Roshunda.

Jeremy also had a reception at a place off Stage that I can’t recall.  It was cool.  There was a DJ and they played some nice music.  It was secular, but nothing too offensive.  I am not used to being around Christians and hearing secular music, but it was cool.  My family did not play secular music growing up, so I am still a little rusty when it comes to line dances, but I had fun.  I also ran into a guy named Darron who was in the theater program at the University of Memphis.  I never knew he was a longtime friend of Jeremy’s.  Oh, yeah, my “true hip-hop” friends will be saddened to know that when “Crank Dat Souljah Boy” came on, I cranked it. I cranked it often.  I also Supermanned it , too. And it felt good!!


I attended the graduation of THIS young lady, Lavita Brooks.  She graduated with a BFA in acting from the University of Memphis.  I was running late, and I tried to make it into the actual graduation, but my knees and legs were tired from the morning walks that I have been taking. Plus, I left my cell phone and had to go back for it.  By the time I made it inside the forum and looked at the stairs to go up, my knees said “Uh uh, Markus”.  I posted up outside near the doors  and waited for her to come out. Lavita, myself, Rod Pitts,and Lavita’s friends and family had a post-graduation lunch at Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale Street. Congrats, Lavita.  You are a dear and wonderful friend.  Take Hollywood by storm!!  Then, I went home and took a nap because I had a date. 

I went to a mixer at the new Playhouse on the Square with a special ladyfriend of mine (Stop being nosy).  It was organized by my good friend Rhonda Brown.  They had a DJ and a cash bar and food. It was real classy.  Shout out to Ms. Brown.  I was tired from earlier, though, so we didn’t stay long.


First, I got the news that I would not get the role I auditi0ned for in a film. That kind of bummed me out.  Second, I got the news that my grandmother on my stepfather’s side, Malinda McGhee, passed.  She was suffering from Alzheimer’s and had moved to Chicago to stay with other relatives.  My brother and I went out to my parent’s house after church.  I still gave my mom her Mother’s Day gift (My Wife andKids Season One) and a card.  I also gave Crossett (my stepfather) his birthday present from last week.  I could not give it to him due to the flooding in Tennessee last week. I bought him The Magnificent Seven on DVD.  I can only imagine the pain of losing your mother on Mother’s Day.  I would stay with her many times when I was young and didn’t want to be home alone.  She was always kind to me and took up for me when kids would tease me back when she worked at the elementary school that I attended.  I don’t think I’ve fully processed this one. It hurts.  There was also another scare:my brother found out that his pregnant girlfriend was in the hospital.  He dropped me off and raced to be at her side, like any man would have.  It turns out that she was okay.  Please pray for my brother’s girlfriend and their unborn seed.  Lord willing, my niece Zari Brielle Seaberry will be here in July.

I went to Goodtime Charlies off Sycamore View and sang a little bit.  That picture of me singing is from another place, though.  I sang “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, then later I sang Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”.  CCR rules!!  After that it was sleeptime.

I believe that my grandmother will be funeralized this week.  Also, I will keep you posted on if I get any role in this film.  I am sad about my grandmother, but I am glad that she is free from pain and suffering. Be easy, readers!!


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