RIP Lena Horne

I was very saddened to hear about Lena Horne’s death this morning.  She was truly a class act.  A very talented, beautiful woman.  I always just thought of her as the epitome of cool elegance.  I LOVED her in “The Wiz”.  Anytime I saw her on TV I enjoyed it.  Also, even though she was significantly older than me, I still though she was pretty hot.  We are losing more of our Black treasures.  This one saddens me as much or maybe more than James Brown’s passing a few years ago.  She broke barriers in music and in the world, showing that whether you wanted to admit it or not, she was a beautiful Black woman.  RIP Lena Horne.

Here is a link to an article about her passing:

Barrier-breaking jazz star Lena Horne dies at 92


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