Auditions, Comic Art, and Karaoke:The Weekend (Plus Monday) Wrap-up


I chilled out, it was a bit gloomy (try saying that last sentence with a British accent.  The British accent is my failsage accent. Pip Pip! Cheerio!!)


The good people at AMMO (Arkansas Movie Makers Organization) had auditions in Memphis for a film about human trafficking.  Shoutout to Geoff and Jan Falk for helping them organize the event, shout out to Marguerite, a local actress who was there, and shoutout to Chatt, a young actor that I talked to at the event.  I had a pretty good audition.  Lord willing, I will get casted.  I am trying not to stress about where my next role is coming from as much as I used to.

I attended an event entitled Escape From the Asylum.  Local artists John Bullock, Jamond Bullock, Anthony Brown, Patrick Tabor, and Joe Boyd presented art pieces depicting the heroes and villains of the Batman Universe.  I am a MAJOR comic book geek, so I had to come out.  Plus, all the artists were real cool. I ran into my boy Adrian and we talked wrestling.  I ran into comic artists Martheus Wade, Janet Stone Wade (with their son in stroller), and Lin Workman, who took the picture of the adorable yet deadly Harley Quinn that you see up above.  I also got into a lengthy convo about music with rapper Chris Blake ( and a guy who I believe is named Chad.  I met “Chad” at my local comic shop.  Shoutout to Comics and Collectibles

After leaving the art exhibit, I went to a birthday party for these two fellows. The guy in the front is David Holland.  The guy behind him is Joe.  I met them at the late, lamented karaoke bar Jordan’s a few years ago.  They invited me out to their joint b-day party at Mugs, a VERY redneck biker bar.  But, it was cool.  The smoke made me have to leave early.  I did give David his gift (Predator graphic novel FTW) and performed one karaoke song: “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon.  I got a great ovation from the crowd.  I am a stageaholic.  I am not satisfied until a stage is rocked. 


I chilled out and did a whole lot of nothing. Don’t judge me!!


I watched the first Iron Man with a special lady friend (Again, stop being nosy!!).  She had never seen it before and was actually one of three females that asked me, “Should I see the first one before I see Iron Man 2”? Ladies, you break my geek heart with questions like these!! Yeah you should!! It’s good to watch them in seqeunce.  That’s why the second one is called a sequel.  I had a good time with my friend.  I think she liked the film.  We will probably see Iron Man 2 soon.  Good times, people, good times.

This weekend I am looking forward to seeing my buddy Benjamin Songer get hitched to his girlfriend Dani Randall.  I also look forward to going to the movies with a certain someone.  Be easy, readers!!


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