Auditions, Receptions, and Movies:The Weekend Wrap-Up



I had an audition for a film entitled Dancing on a Volcano.  It’s a local, low-budget film directed by a professor in the film department at the University of Memphis.  Shoutotut to LaVita Brooks, Kenon Walker, and all the other actors that I came out.  The woman I read my scenes with, Kym I believe her name is, was real cool.


I hung out with all these groovy people.  The big guy in the back is Ben Songer, and the woman in the white dress is his bride, Dani Randall. To Dani’s right is Hunter and April Camp, and on her left are Wilie and Angela Gillis.  I met Ben and Willie back when all of us were on the Geekland Podcast.  Willie moved to Texas and married Angela, but we all keep in touch.  Occasionally, I am still on the Geekland Podcast (  Ben had a cookout at this parent’s house Friday, and he and Dani got married Saturday.  It was awesome.  Ben got the surprise of his life when a bagpipe player came out near the end of his wedding.  It was cool to see everybody. Ben and Dani live in Memphis, but Hunter and April live in Nashville, and Willie and Angela live in Texas.  I was eating, so I wasn’t in this picture, LOL.  I wish Ben and Danni all the best.  They’re awesome people.


I went to church. Shoutout Golden Gate Cathedral, Cordova location.  The service was awesome!!

Also, I saw Brooklyn’s Finest at the Bartlett 10, a discount movie theater near my home.  I went with my girlfriend.  There, I said it.  I went to the movies with my girlfriend.  I now have a girlfriend.  I’m happy. I believe that she is happy.  Good times

I have an acting class to go to tonight and I plan to enjoy the upcoming Labor Day weekend.  Be easy, readers!!


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