Anthony David Wants You To “Let Me In” (

I came across this while going through my Twitter feed today. Shoutout to Soulbounce for posting this new joint from Anthony David.  A friend of India.Arie who often toured with her, I first saw this guy in 2004 at the University of Memphis opening for India.Arie.  I then saw him at Precious Cargo in Memphis in 2005 and bought his first album, Three Chords and the Truth.  I also own his second album, The Red Clay Chronicles.  He had signed a label deal through India.Arie’s imprint a few years ago, resulting in the album Acey Ducey, which was a collection of songs from both albums and a few new tracks.  Now, he’s signed to Purpose Records through his own imprint, Rollingmojo. His upcoming album will be called As Above, So Below.    This track is catchy, it’s smooth, and his vocal runs are nice.  I need you to love “Let Me In”.

Anthony David-Let Me In


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