DVDs, B-day Celebration, and Post B-day Celebration (With My Baby): the Weekend Wrap-Up


Me and my beautiful, wonderfully awesome girlfriend Lyncola and I hung out.  I bought her some McAlister’s and we watched Avatar.  Hey, she wanted to see it.  She gave it a 4 out of 5.  I gave the 2-D version 3.5/5.  This film loses a lot without 3-D because the story just isn’t that great.


I had to work, after that I dropped some boxes of comics and stuff off at my mom’s house.  Saturday was my birthday!! I turned…..none of your business.  My mom gave me a check (don’t worry about the amount) and a birthday card that plays “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. My mom is awesome.  Later, I ate at McAlisters and hung out with some friends.  Shout out to “Black Supervillain” Damarico Fowler, Denna Greer and Paul West (thanks for the DVDs of The Wrestler and Passing Strange), and Nick Jones (good looking on the Erykah Badu CD).  We dined, we joked, and things were cool until a bum came up….we were eating outside.  We tried to offer him food, but he was loud and rambunctious.  We had to leave.



I spent the best day with my baby.  We went to her church (World Overcomers) and enjoyed an AWESOME sermon by Apostle A.R. Williams. Next, we went to the Raffertys on Germantown Parkway and she bought us lunch.  Then, Hastings to look at some used DVDs and CDs.  Then, I took her to see Just Wright.  Queen Latifah, Pam Grier, and Paula Patton were cool.  I need Common to work on his acting a little bit more.  After that, we got some yogurt at TCBY.  Finally, we went to my house and watched the Celtics beat the Lakers.  She was happy.  I was…..happy that she was happy.  I have to say that this was the best birthday ever.  This relationship stuff is pretty cool. 

This weekend I will be working on Friday and Saturday.  However, on Sunday, me and Lyncola plan to go to Oakland, visit with my cousin Anwar, and get my b-day gift from Anwar.  It’s a wrestling DVD.  He knows me so well.  Be easy, readers!!


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