Overtime, Video Shoots, and Movies: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I had to put up sleepy Markus.  I worked from 9AM-10 PM. My lab monitor wanted off.  I believe that this is what they mean by “paying the cost to be the boss”.


After working from 9AM-5PM, I decided to help my buddy Keenon out on a rap video for a group.  We were filming in “the hood”, and a country boy like myself felt a little out of place.  I lived near Orange Mound in Memphis for several years, but let’s face it, there are nuns with more street cred than me.  It was cool to see Keenon.  I did not even know he had moved back to Memphis for a little while until Saturday.  Over the course of the shoot, there may have been a scene outside of a quickie mart in South Memphis, and I MAY have gotten on camera dancing to their song “Nicki Menage”, which is a tribute to female rapper Nicki Minaj.  I may be in the background while people are throwing money in the air and ladies are shaking it.  If this video comes out, I humbly apologize.  I was caught up in the moment.  I told my girlfriend so she won’t be caught off guard when the video comes out.  Anyway, I wish that rap group much success in their future endeavors.


I took my girlfriend out to Oakland with me.  We visited my cousin Anwar, who had a b-day present for me.  It is the DVD pictured above.  Hey, I still love rasslin’.  We chopped it up with my cuz for a minute. Anwar’s cool.

Next, me and my lovely girlfriend Lyncola Odell saw the movie Clash of the Titans at the Batlett 10.  Discount movie theatres, ain’t they great?  It was an okay film.  Nice action, but the plot was a little hard to follow.  I did notice Nicholas Hoult, the actor who was the kid in About a Boy and the first edition of the BBC show Skins in a small role.  Good for him. After that, we went to my house and watched the end of the Lakers-Celtics game.  What the heck, Lakers!! Kobe needs HELP.  That was hard to watch.  My girl’s happy, though.  Stupid Boston.

This weekend, I have no formal plans, but hopefully, something will turn up.  Be easy, readers!!


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