Movies, Videos, and Father’s Day: The (Late) Weekend Wrap-Up


My girlfriend Lyncola and I saw The Last Song at the local discount movie theater, the Bartlett 10.  Miley Cyrus was okay in it.  Greg Kinnear was very good in the film.  My only problem was the little cheap tricks the filmmaker used to try to get emotion from the audience.  It worked, but it seemed cheap.  I give it a 3/5.


After work, me and my film mentor/big homie Rod Pitts worked on a project.  It’s a video to a spoken word piece that I wrote several years ago.  We shot in a few different locations.  The weather made the shoot a little challenging, but we got the shots and had fun in the process.  Rod put me in my very first film and always encourages my acting.  He rocks!!


Me, my brother, and my brother’s girlfriend went out to Moscow, Tennessee to celebrate Father’s Day with my stepfather, Crossett McGhee.  I love and respect that man.  He took care of me as though we were blood relatives.  I will always appreciate him for that.  My brother Thaddeus and I pitched in and put some money towards a new tool that he wants.  Ever since he’s retired, he spends his days working on projects and hammering and constructing things.  It makes him happy.

I am looking forward to this weekend.  The girlfriend is off on Saturday, so we will hang out all day.  Good times!!


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