Da Hater, Goodbyes, and Old Friends: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I attended the album release party for Jason “Da Hater” Harris, a very talented hip-hop artist.  Also performing were Artistik Approach, comedian Richard Jones, Infinito 2017, Mordecai the Foul, and others.  Jason rocked it.  Memphis hip-hop fans should be on the loookout for Enough Hate to Go Around, coming soon.


Hung out with the girlfriend all day.  We went to Hattiloo’s Black Theatre Museum, which is awesome.  EVERYONE in Memphis should attend that, it’s running through July 10.  We also saw Jonah Hex, which was horrendous (Thank goodness for free passes), and then we went to a going-away party for my friend Laila, who is moving to New York.  Good times with my baby.


Lyncola and I hung out with my good friend Paul Briggs.  He was in town for a family reunion and we met up in the lobby of the hotel he was staying in.  Paul is a true friend and good people.  I hope to hang out with him again before he leaves Memphis.

Looking forward to this 4th of July weekend.  I’ve got my own family reunion to attend.  Barbecue, church services, and heat.  It’s still all good, though.  Be easy, readers!!!


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